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Here your kind words about the work, which I do for you and your families with all my heart ans soul,  live. If you are so nice to take your time and share the experience you have had with Tanya N. Photography, please, drop a line in a Comment box below.
If you have not become my client yet, just love the photos, you are more than welcome to share this too!
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Yana - December 10, 2012 - 7:17 pm

Dear Tanya, thank you so much for such wonderful photos and magic moments !!! It’s such a pleasure to be your “models” !!!

Alsu - March 8, 2013 - 11:08 pm

Nowadays to get a photo is not a big deal, but when you see REALLY PROFESSIONAL photos you understand that it is worth trying. I have met Tanya 1.5 years ago. She was the one who showed me around Copenhagen and during my first week in CPH we made first photo session together. It was first professional session for me as a “model” and it was first shoot for Tanya with her new camera. It was amazingly sunny and warm summer day that we spend in DTU campus. We were talking, walking, laughing, enjoying the August sun, fresh grass… The photos I got reflect all the emotions I had this day and still this is one of the most remarkable days in CPH for me. Something very unusual with Tanya is that she never asks you to stand this way or the other, you just spend a great time with her and as a result get wonderful captures of happy moments. So this was beginning of our relationships as a model and photographer!

Recently Tanya shared with us our Danish wedding. Weddings might be very different, the key word for ours was “fun”. We enjoyed the day very much, and as a result got a slide show reminds that day in every detail. The registration ceremony was very short – about 5 minutes. So I was expecting maximum 30 photos and not anything special. But I was so wrong. During the wedding day itself everything was so fast, so we even couldn’t notice some details. So I think we got complete overview of the day only after watching Tanya’s photo shoot. She found perfect music and it is such a nice story for memories.

Slideshows we got are so amazing: you get a full nice story! Often we have hundreds of photos from one event and we never come back to them to sort and they just lie in folders… Tanya made for us a great job: she sorted the photos, put them in one-day tale and found the MOST SUITABLE music for the video. So now we can enjoy our nice whole-day moments in 3 minutes without loosing any details. It is also very convenient to send the videos to parents, friends, especially if you are leaving far away. When I first saw our first video I had this exciting and joyful feeling inside and got a smile that lasted for the whole day. I knew from the beginning that it is exactly what we wanted – and I was wrong, it was even BETTER!

If you want to spend a day (or maybe even not one) with a professional photographer, the choice is obvious (at least for me, us). Tanya will make you feel very comfortable, she will discuss with you everything you want and try her best. She has a very unusual view on people, I think she sees us through her special “feeling” filters. I guess this is how you get ‘telling’ – full-of-life photos. Also she is so much into the process, so the photos become very natural. I think (and hope) after some time Tanya will become a very well-known photographer with her own unique style and view! I am looking forward to our new photo meetings ☺! Good Luck, Tanya N. Photography!

Senthil - September 15, 2013 - 10:25 pm

It was a couple of months back where I was searching for a photographer in Copenhagen for my wedding. During this time, I came across Tanya´s blog where I was stunned looking at her work. Immediately me and my fiance decided that we wanted only Tanya to photograph our wedding. Luckily Tanya did not have any appointments on our wedding day and she also agreed.

We made an appointment to meet Tanya one day before our wedding. During our first meeting she made us feel really comfortable by her warmth and friendly nature. She already started asking us how we wanted our photos to be. Even though we came with many different suggestions, she just wanted us to be natural. It was a cordial meeting and we really wanted to appreciate her that she took time for us one day before our wedding photosession.

Finally on our most important day, she was present at the occasion before we arrived. She turned out be much more than a photographer on this day to us. She was like our well known friend and a well wisher. Rarely she asked us to give poses and mostly she asked to behave naturally. She tried all her ways out to capture all the important moments.

We wanted to sincerely thank her presence during our marriage and really want to appreciate her for each and every effort that she took to picture all the precious moments of our memorable day.
She took so many pictures of us so that we need to take a tea break in between and at the end we had dinner together :)))

Finally, she presented her with her photographs of our wedding day. It was breathtaking!!! We could remember each and every moment of our wedding day, nice and bright.

I always thought photography captures objects and motion, but Tanya redefines it by capturing life and emotion.

I have read in Internet that,
Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever. . . it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
This is what we exactly got from Tanya.

I want to recommend Tanya for anyone and everyone who want to have unique and amazing photographs which can be cherished forever.
For Tanya, I wish and hope that she will become one of the sort after and unique photographers in Europe.

With loving regards,
Tanya Fan & Admirer.

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