Ørestad photographer: matermity. baby, children and family photography in Ørestad, Copenhagen
I am glad to welcome you here!
My name is Tanya and I am a professional family photographer based in Ørestad, Copenhagen. I work predominantly in documentary style and am truly passionate about capturing  fleeting, naturally appearing, which tell so incredibly much about your family and relationships. I aim at preserving  beauty, love, and intimacy and connection, which I see and feel during the session, in a series of natural, vivid photographs for you and your family to remember. All your hearty laughs and tears, funny and thoughtful moments, cosiness and roughness of what is around at the moment, your pain and joy, happiness and sorrow –  everything I only will be allowed to witness will be carefully stored in your photographs.

I use natural light and photograph at a wide range of locations both indoors and outdoors, all over Copenhagen and North Sealand.
As an observer and investigator by nature (isn’t a PhD degree a good proof for that? :)), I  put my soul and heart, vision and experience into creating unique photographic imaginary for you and your loved ones. I feel honoured and grateful every time when I am invited to capture people’s  life, love, feelings and beauty and I will be happy to work with you. Just send me a message .

“I would pay all the money to get a picture like that with my children!  And I would be so happy to have it with my mum too! It’s priceless!..”
“Your pictures are so real!..” “Your black and whites are amazing! They’re timeless and beautiful.”
Barb Uil, children & family photographer, Australia.
“Your photographs are indeed breathtaking and I hope your photo business will become what you want it to be.
I am really fascinated the way you manage to catch a scene and emotions on a photo. This is a true skill and has nothing to do with that your camera has some depth of field to control or not.”
Konstantin Axt, viewer
“You have a great eye for and ability to capture a decisive moment. The photographs you make tell complex stories in simple compositions. Your black and white images are by far the strongest, and the photo shoots fit especially well for album stories. ”
Cheryl Jacobs Nicolai, photographer & mentor, USA.
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