Bjork, Gretar and Oli: efterårs familie fotografering på Islands Brygge

I am so glad I can share with you some of the pictures, which I made photographing this awesome Icelandic – Kenyan family. If you could only know how beautiful, intelligent, and loving they are, you would be truly amazed.

We spend a lovely lazy Sunday morning together, enjoying it’s little pleasures. There was time for a delicious brunch with Daddy’s special pancakes, for reading books, for drawing, for playing… There were  lots of hugs, smiles and laughter. It all felt so cozy, I did not want to leave the family’s homey apartment. But it was an October, the weather was warm and nice and an Amager Fælled’s scenery was so extremely beautiful, we just had to take advantage of that!

What we got at the end, you can see below. Well, a small portion of it, but I think it is enough to have an idea.

When the family approached me with an inquiry of a family photography session, they mentioned that they wanted to have photos, which were simple and timeless, but still showing who they were as persons and as a family. In my opinion, we have reached the goal.



Black and white portrait of a boy making a drawing during efterårs familie fotografering på Islands Brygge

Portrait of father and son, taken at efterårs familie fotografering på Islands Brygge
Portrait of a family, seating on a swing in Amager Fælled, during an Autumn family photography session in Copenhagen
efterårs familie fotografering på Islands Brygge (Amager Fælled)

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Efterårs børnefotografering i København – Agnes & Ellen: first steps on the fallen leaves

Autumn is such a beautiful time! And it gets only better when your child just starts to walk! Two years ago I got to photograph the loveliest family of Rikke and Carsten and their adorable twins, Ellen and Agnes, who just had started to walk a few weeks before their photography session. We met in a park area in Christianshavn, where the family is used to walk often, so the girls will know, when they grow up, where they enjoyed spending time with their parents, when they were so little. 2 or 3 hours of the photosession went fast, and we both shot outside and inside – in one of those old cafes with such a nice and a very special atmosphere.  At the end the family received a slideshow with some of the photos set to music and a number of beautiful photos, a part of which you can see today. Feel free and take your time! Just remember to have HD and the sound on :).

Ellen & Agnes: first steps on the fallen leaves from Tanya N. Photography on Vimeo.


Portait of a baby girl who has just started to walk by Copenhagen
Colourful portrait of a mother and a daughter on an Autumn day taken at informal photography session in Copenhagen
efterårs babyportræt
black and white photo of a baby and her mom laughing
Blackk and white image of a mother and her 15 months old baby girl
Portrait of a baby girl eating strawberries by  børnefotograf København
Portrait of a girl sitting and laughing close to her father during family photography shoot at Christianshavn
Photo of an adorable child who just has learnt to walk, taken by børnefotograf i  København
Sort og hvid billede ad mår og to piger
Efterårs børnefotografering i København - familie portæt
Efterårs børnefotografering i København - portræt af baby
Portrait of a baby walking, Christianshavn
Photo of a dad, supporting his daughters, who have just learned to walk. Image taken during efterårs børnefotografering i Københabn
Black and white photo of a baby girl sitting on her mother
Beautiful portrait of a 15 months old girl
Efterårs børnefotogafering i København, Christianshavn
Efterårs familiportæt, København

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Five beautiful people – an Autumn family photography session at home and in a park

A beautiful woman, a mother to 3, a wife and an editor of a magazine for breast-feeding moms, strong and feminine, passionate and tender – that’s  Irina, whom I was so lucky to photograph 12 days after her youngest son was born! Five people in a tiny apartment on a very dark late Autumn’s day  – it does not sound like a perfect set up for a family photography session, does it? But once you know, that this apartment was home to Irina’s husband, Max, for many  years, that the family is moving out soon, and this is exactly the place where two of their boys were born… I am sure, you would have changed your mind. And so did I. Frankly speaking, I love the outcome!

We spent together about 4 – 5 hours in total. The kids ate (especially the newborn) and played, watched cartoons and laughed, did some sport, cuddled with mummy and assisted dad in playing guitar. They ran fast in a park, spotted ducks on a lake, tried delicious pancakes and swung. What else one can dream about for a family weekend?

Many months later the boys still remember their photographer and the parents treasure photographs we have made together. Oh, happy me!


Teddy bear

Portrait of a boy standing next to a window during Autumn family photography session

Black and white photo of two brothers playing together close to a window at a late Autumn lifestyle photography session in Copenhagen

sort og hvid portræt af mor og baby by Københavns bedste børnefotograf

Photo of a dad holding his son, who is ready to jump, in his arms during a documentary family photography session

Photo of a dad soothing his crying newborn son during a documentary style family photography session

Portrait of a 2 years old boy playing wth his mummy during a late Autumn family photography session

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Sort og hvid familie billede fra en photoshoot på hjem

Sort og hvid portræt af drenge by Københavns babyfotograf

Nyfødt drenge by børnefotograf København



Sort og hvid familie billede fra professionel fotografering hos Københavns dygtig børne- og familiefotograf

Photo of two brothers sitting and climbing on a window during a lifestyle photography family session at their home.

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Black and white photo of a mother breastfeeding her second boy - 2 years old toddler during a late Autumn photography session at their home

Nyfødt fotograf København

Family portrait taken during a family photography session at home: a dad playing guitar, a mom holding their newborn baby and 2 elder sons playing around

Baby portræt by Københavns bedste babyfotograf

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family

Portræt af baby i slyng

Photographs from a family photography session, held at the family


If you liked photographs from this Autumn family photography session, do not hesitate to drop me a line, perhaps, it is time to arrange yours.

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Being together, being a family – a relaxed family photography session in Copenhagen

A cosy family summer afternoon, what can be better than that?  Do you remember those, which you had enjoyed as a child at your parents or grandparents home?..
With Kristine and Jesper and their 3 lovely girls we agreed on having a natural and relaxed family photography session at one of those warm, beautiful Sunday afternoons last summer. We decided to meet at the family’s apartment in Ørestad, start the photo shoot there and continue it at the park nearby (Byparken).  As Kristine texted after the session: “The set up was perfect, because it really was a good, yet normal day”.
Needless to say, how eagerly I was looking forward to this photography session – as I have probably mentioned, it’s always an honour and a great pleasure to see the family from inside and capture those precious fleeting moments for them to remember, but there was something else in this shoot. Family members’ beauty and a taste for beauty, their sense of style, intelligence, coupled with kind and open hearts and harmonious connections within the family  – what a great promise it was! Moreover, it’s not an every day, I have to admit, when I’m invited to photograph a family of two architects, one of whom is a PhD student, at their apartment with the interior they have nearly built themselves!..

We have spent several hours together, children laughed and played, danced and read, had their nap and lunch, drew, got dirty and clean again, in other words, did everything what they would normally do during a day. There was a great number of authentic, real and beautiful moments for me to capture and for the family  to preserve and cherish  afterwards. “…We can’t let this huge treasure slip out of our hands, because that’s what it is  :), we have decided to go for all the high res images”. What a rewarding note for a photographer, isn’t it?

I have created a little movie for this family photography session as well using a selection of photographs from it’s first, at home, part. You can find it later at the post. Just don’t forget to have a sound and HD on!

And here you can see some of the photos from the session’s second part – setting out and heading to the park.

A father helping to the daughter to ride a bike at the family photography session in Copenhagen
Portrait of a dad with one of his twin daughters at the Byparken during their lifestyle family photography session last summer
Portrait of a little girl following her mother during theur family walk at Byparken, Ørestad
A beautiful family photo taken at the park during a lifestyle family photography session in Copenhagen
Photo of a dad following his daughter during their family time in Byparken, Ørestad
Copenhagen family photo in Byparken, Ørestad
Photo of a family of 5 sitting on a bench in Byparken during their relaxed family photography session on Sunday
Photograph of mother and two daughters enjoying playing together at the sand during their family photography session in Copenhagen
Portrait of a dad and his daughter enjoying sun and the sand at one of the Copenhagen
Portrait of a beautiful mommy with her two twins playing with the sand on a summery Sunday afternoon in Copenhagen
A photo of the loving mother holding her baby daughter at the park, Copenhagen
Portrait of a mother and daughter hugging each other at the park during their documentary style family photography session in Copenahgen, Denmark.

Here is the promised video for you to watch and enjoy!

Being together, being a family… from Tanya N. Photography on Vimeo.

And a few sweet words from the family:

Dear Tanya,
I just want to thank you again for the amazing photos, for our wonderful experience with the whole process – and for the chocolate, you are the sweetest! Your arrangements of all kinds are so perfect and delicate. I’m impressed by your outstanding professionalism combined with your gentle and warm presence.
I’m looking forward to next time!
Best, Kristine

Contact me here to reserve the date for your family photography session this Summer!

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Nastya - May 30, 2014 - 11:03 pm

Как здорово! После просмотра уже какая- то даже родная история ) легко и непринужденно, красиво и интересно)

Tanya N. - May 31, 2014 - 4:05 pm

Спасибо, Настя! :)

Sunset at the field – family portraits in Copenhagen

Life was busy for me last couple of months, but isn’t it a good thing?
During this time I’ve met so many gorgeous families and got excited with their style and taste, love and relationships, and huuuge heartiness and beauty. It is such an amazing feeling to admire people, whose family portraits I’m asked to capture.

Today I’d like to share with you photographs of a beautiful Icelandic family, which I met past August. Frida and Brynjar and their loveliest kids – Emiliana, Viktoria and Mikkel –  were one of 5 families, taking part in my photography project dedicated to family life in Ørestad. Truly, Ørestadt is a great place to live at. When I’d just moved in, I was fascinated with how close a modern futuristic city and nature could be. In addition to that, Ørestad is very international and there are so many families with kids living there! Well, sometimes just to look around at the neighbourhood is enough to make me happy.

During a pre-session consultation with Frida, it appeared that the family had many favourite places all over Ørestad, but Naturcenter Vestamager was a bit more special for them. Thus, we had decided to meet for a photo shoot there and do that a couple of hours before the sunset to catch the beautiful golden light. Luckily, the weather was just perfect that day, and light was ours! We spent about 2,5 hours together and both me and the family thoroughly enjoyed that time. As Frida said afterwards, before the session she worried  a bit that it would be boring (what else do people expect from a photo shoot, right?) but then she got surprised with how much fun we have had!.. I was even tired of smiling close to the photo shoot’s end.  We have started photographing at the large “old ship”, then had a picnic, then went to watch sheep and play with balloons. As there were lots of communication and interactions within the family, I’ve got numerous moments to capture.  At their viewing session the family told me that I’d captured perfectly who they were, and since this is exactly what I aim for at the every session, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

You are very welcome to watch a slideshow, just make sure you view it in HD and with music on, and be aware that you could end up dancing!

Sunset at the field from Tanya N. Photography on Vimeo.

If you would like to see more photographs – still and in greater details, I’ve prepared a storytelling selection below.

Black and white photo of smiling mother and daughter, Vestamager
Family portrait in black and white
Family portraits in colour, taken at Naturcenter Vestamager by Tanya N. Photography past August

Did I mention there were many photographs at that photo shoot? Thanks for reaching the end of the post!
Make sure that you have beautiful family portraits done for your own family, and if not just give me a shout, I will be happy to help!

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Tanya N. Photography - Ørestad - October 25, 2013 - 7:06 pm

I would like to note that this blog post is a perfect example of my work.
Usually I don’t post so many pictures on the web as I don’t want to overload you, but this time I thought that it would be nice to show how the result of a custom family photography session could actually look like :).

F a c e b o o k
S u b s c r i b e