Efterårs børnefotografering i København – Agnes & Ellen: first steps on the fallen leaves

Autumn is such a beautiful time! And it gets only better when your child just starts to walk! Two years ago I got to photograph the loveliest family of Rikke and Carsten and their adorable twins, Ellen and Agnes, who just had started to walk a few weeks before their photography session. We met in a park area in Christianshavn, where the family is used to walk often, so the girls will know, when they grow up, where they enjoyed spending time with their parents, when they were so little. 2 or 3 hours of the photosession went fast, and we both shot outside and inside – in one of those old cafes with such a nice and a very special atmosphere.  At the end the family received a slideshow with some of the photos set to music and a number of beautiful photos, a part of which you can see today. Feel free and take your time! Just remember to have HD and the sound on :).

Ellen & Agnes: first steps on the fallen leaves from Tanya N. Photography on Vimeo.


Portait of a baby girl who has just started to walk by Copenhagen
Colourful portrait of a mother and a daughter on an Autumn day taken at informal photography session in Copenhagen
efterårs babyportræt
black and white photo of a baby and her mom laughing
Blackk and white image of a mother and her 15 months old baby girl
Portrait of a baby girl eating strawberries by  børnefotograf København
Portrait of a girl sitting and laughing close to her father during family photography shoot at Christianshavn
Photo of an adorable child who just has learnt to walk, taken by børnefotograf i  København
Sort og hvid billede ad mår og to piger
Efterårs børnefotografering i København - familie portæt
Efterårs børnefotografering i København - portræt af baby
Portrait of a baby walking, Christianshavn
Photo of a dad, supporting his daughters, who have just learned to walk. Image taken during efterårs børnefotografering i Københabn
Black and white photo of a baby girl sitting on her mother
Beautiful portrait of a 15 months old girl
Efterårs børnefotogafering i København, Christianshavn
Efterårs familiportæt, København

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