Mother and daughter – family photo walk at the center of Copenhagen

Mother and daughter…  Can you think of anything more touching than their relations? I believe that no matter how old we get and how far we live from each other, we still have such a strong connection between us, which is supporting, leading, enriching, and giving us wisdom and love. I am always so glad for the clients who come and say that they want to be photographed with their parents. I am quite sure that photographs and memories, they are investing at, will be treasured and cherished in their families for years.

It was a frosty winter morning, when we met with Reseda and Alsu at one of the Copenhagen’s cafes for breakfast. The day was special and so were the feelings. It was special for two reasons. Firstly, it was the first visit of Reseda to Denmark, where her daughter lived, and secondly, that was a day of Alsu’s civil registration ceremony, and I put every effort to capture the mood of that day.
We started our portrait photography session with a pleasant chat over the meal.  It felt very relaxed and natural all the way, and all of us enjoyed the process. When the breakfast was over, I accompanied the ladies at their family photo walk through the city centre, Nyhavn and Amalienborg to a Little Mermaid. The weather was such a nice surprise too! Yes, we had to hurry a little as we did not want to be late to the ceremony at the City Hall, but it was still enough time to make some portraits about warmth and love of Reseda and Alsu’s relations, about joy of their meeting and… sadness of forthcoming parting.

Portrait of a smiling girl taken during breakfast at the beginning of a family photo walk of her and her mother at the centre of Copenhagen

Photo of a mother and daughter sitting together and enjoying the breakfast in one of the cafes at the centre of Copenhagen during their family photo walk photography session

Picture of mother and her adult daughter chatting over the brekfast during their family photo walk photosession with Copenhagen




Vivid portrait of mother and daughter during their enjoyable family walk at winter Copenhagen during photo shoot with Copenhagens family photographer
Portrait of a beautiful adult daughter taken during the family walk of her with her mother at the Copenhagen


Family walk photo shoot in Copenhagen





Mother-and-daughter-portrait-at- Østerport-Station

“Every daughter needs a photo shoot like this”, – Alsu said, having watched slideshow at the viewing session.
If you would like to have your mother & daughter relations captured, fell free to ask .

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